Tamil Poems

Tamil Poems

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Poems writen by TAMIL LOVERS who want to express and depict about LOVE, ANGER, MOTHERHOOD, BROTHERHOOD, NATURE, ANIMALS ETC., are published below. All new poems are welcome in this site and you can submit yours in the SUBMIT POEM page.

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List of Poems starting with B

Poem Title Author Views
Baalapaadam ts raj 2172
Baaratha Kanavu Nizhal 2476
Bachelor Karmegakannan 2380
Balam R. Kanirajan 2538
Bathil R. Kanirajan 2230
Bayam R. Kanirajan 2938
Bell Sirippu ts raj 2437
Beram ts raj 2303
Bharatha Thaaye Devepriya Hariharan 3898
Birthday Greetings R. Kanirajan 3901
bOghi ts raj 2191
Bothaiyin Paathaiyil R. Kanirajan 2202
Brammana Sivan Vimal 2744