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Poems writen by TAMIL LOVERS who want to express and depict about LOVE, ANGER,  MOTHERHOOD, BROTHERHOOD, NATURE, ANIMALS ETC., are  published below. All new poems are welcome in this site and you can submit  yours in the SUBMIT POEM page.
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Recently Added Tamil Poems

   Poem Title   Poet   Views
   Allah! Atha!   Ismail 967 Views 
   Kadhal   Tharini Kannan 3411 Views 
   Natpu   Tharini Kannan 4190 Views 
   Manamirunthal   Kavikyuil 2824 Views 
   Kelaai Penne   Karthika AK 2855 Views 
   Indraiya Kaathal   Karthika AK 2102 Views 
   Tharam Thaazhvendru Ninaithaayo   Karthika AK 1847 Views 
   Aasaii Aasaiyai   Karthika AK 1986 Views 
   Ilaignane   Kartik 1932 Views 
   En Idhayam   Vijayan. R 1999 Views 
   Natpu   Amsa 4010 Views 
   Bharatha Thaaye   Devepriya Hariharan 2623 Views 
   Yean   Laxmi 1005 Views 
   Echarikai   Kanirajan 1049 Views 
   Sirantha Kalvimurai   Kanirajan 1507 Views 
   Nanbanai Ariga   Kanirajan 1191 Views 
   Vazhkaiyil Unathu Nilai   Kaniarjan 1224 Views 
   Maranam   Manibharathi 1468 Views 
   Naan Solvathu Unmaiyanathu   Kaniarajan 1086 Views 
   Manaivi   Kaniarajan 1393 Views 
   Oorarintha Unmai   Kanirajan 999 Views 
   Panbu Nalangal   Atri 1412 Views 
   Ulagam   Viji Kannan 1946 Views 
   Silanthiye   Kiran Nivedh 978 Views 
   Manikka Maatten   Shalini 1055 Views 

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