WheatGrass Juice

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WheatGrass Juice

Author: Manimaran
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Added: 6/23/2009

WheatGrass Juice by Manimaran

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Wheat 7 handsfull

Cooking Method

1. Buy 7 medium size pots and fill with rich nature manure.
2. On the 1st day sow one handfull of wheat in one pot,
let this be the first pot, and sprinkle water sufficient
enough for it to grow.
3. On the 2nd day sow one handfull of wheat in second pot
and sprinkle water for it to grow.
4. Sprinkle water for the first pot as well for the wheat
grass to grow.
5. Follow the above procedure for the 3rd pot in the 3rd day,
4th pot in the 4th day through 7th pot in the 7th day.
6. On the 8th day cut the grown wheat grass 1 cm above the
soil in the first pot and clean it with water.
7. Put the washed wheat grass in a mixie add 50 ml of water
grind it to obtain the juice.
8. Filter the juice in a coarse filter.
9. Drink this wheat grass juice early in the morning in
empty stomach.
10. Similarly extract the juice of the grass in the second
pot on 9th day and drink it early in the morning.
11. Repeat the whole for the remaining days i.e. day 10 - 14.

In general you can drink 30 - 50 ml of wheat grass juice daily early in the morning.

WheatGrass Juice is an excellent natural cure for Piles,
Constipation, Acne, Anaemia, Ulcer, Digestive Disorder, even
cancer, impotence and many more...It a cell rejuvenator,
strengthens bones,removes toxins. Drinking Wheat Grass
Juice will energise the body immediately..
Wheat Grass Juice is an ayurvedic medicine used by Yogis.

For more information about Wheatgrass juice do a search
on the net.

The above procedure is written as mentioned and explained

If you have more queries about extracting and consuming
the juice, ask in guestbook.

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