Vaazhai Poo Kofta

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Vaazhai Poo Kofta

Author: Silver
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Added: 3/21/2010

Vaazhai Poo Kofta by Silver

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Banana flower fresh -1
Grated coconut - Half coconut
Chopped onion - 2
Fried gram - 100 gm
Red chilli - 4
Fennel - 25 gm
Oil - To fry
Salt - To taste

Cooking Method

Clean banana flower.

Boil this in water with little bit salt for 25 min and squeeze well.

Grind fried gram, red chili, fennel into fine powder. Do not add water.

Grind grated coconut without water.

Grind onion without water.

Grind banana flower into fine paste.

Now mix well all the ingredients with needed salt.

Add more fried gram powder if it is watery.

Now make this mixture into small pieces in ball shape.

Now heat oil to fry.

Deep fry till get brown color.

Wow banana flower kofta is ready.

U can add instead of banana flower, boiled potato,
Boiled cabbage or boiled drumstick flesh.

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