Tamil Cooking Recipe

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rikay;: jpUkjp. rpj;uh N\rhj;up

Raagi Milk

Author: Mrs. Chitra Seshadri
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Added: 3/11/2016

Raagi Milk by Mrs. Chitra Seshadri

Njitahd nghUl;fs;

uhfp 2 fg;
Njq;fha; 1
Vyf;fha; 5
nty;yk; 1fg;


uhfpia ePupy; miu kzp Neuk; Cu itf;fZk;

Njq;fhia JUtp nfhs;sZk;

Cuitj;j uhfpia Njq;fha; JUtYld; ed;F miuj;J

xU nky;ypa Jzpapy; tbfl;b me;j ghYld; nty;yk; Nru;j;JfpswTk;.

Vyf;fhia J}shf;fp J}tp tplTk;.

,g;NghJ uhfp ghy; jahu;.

,e;j fytia xU jl;by; Cw;wp Mw itf;fTk;.

n[y;yp khjpup Mfp tpLk;.

mij Jz;lhf nra;J gwpkhuTk;.

Foe;ijfs; tpUk;gp rhg;gpLthu;fs;.


Cooking Method

cq;fs; rikay; Fwpg;Gfis ,q;Nf gjpT nra;aTk;

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