Idli Podi

Tamil Cooking Recipe

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Idli Podi

Author: Silver
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Added: 12/13/2009

Idli Podi by Silver

Njitahd nghUl;fs;

fliy gUg;G - 50 fpuhk;
Jtuk; gUg;G - 50 fpuhk;
cSj;jk; gUg;G - 50 fpuhk;
nghl;L fliy - 50 fpuhk;
rptg;G kpsfha; - 7
fha;e;j fwpNtg;gpiy - ifasT
cg;G - Njitahd msT
ngUq;fhak; - 5 fpuhk;


mLg;gpy; flhia itj;J fliy gUg;G Jtuk; gUg;G cSj;jk;
gUg;G nghl;L fliy rptg;G kpsfha; midj;ijAk; jdpj;jdpahf
vz;iz tplhky; tWj;Jf; nfhs;sTk;.

gpd;du; tWj;J itj;Js;s nghUl;fSld; fha;e;j fwpNtg;gpiy
kw;Wk; cg;G Nru;j;J kpd; miuitapy; jz;zPu; tplhky; Jhshf
miuj;J nfhs;sTk;.

,jDld; ngUq;fha nghbia Nru;f;fTk;.

Rygkhd rj;Js;s ,l;yp nghb jahu;.

midj;J gUg;Gk; Gujr; rj;J epiwe;jJ.

fwpNtg;gpiyAk; MNuhf;fpaj;jpw;F kpfTk; ey;yJ.

,e;j nghb ,l;yp kw;Wk; Njhirf;Fk; cgNahfpf;fyhk;.


bengal gram - 50 gm
thoor dhal - 50 gm
urid dhal - 50 gm
fried gram - 50gm
red chillies - 7
dry curry leaves - hand full
salt to taste
asofoeteda powder - 50gm

Cooking Method

1. Keep one dry kadai and switch on the gas stove

2. Now fry urid dhall,bengal gram,thoor dhall,fried gram,red chillies
seperately, till it turns brown no need to add oil

3. Now grind the fried bengal gram,urid dhall,fried gram,thoor dhall,red
chillies with dry curry leaves and salt

4. Now ,just add asofoeteda powder in this mixture

5. Now healthy and easy idly podi is ready

All dhals are rich in protiens and curry leaves is very good for health
You can use this podi for dosa and idly too

cq;fs; rikay; Fwpg;Gfis ,q;Nf gjpT nra;aTk;

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