Gooseberry Laddu

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Gooseberry Laddu

Author: Shivadurga
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Added: 5/5/2010

Gooseberry Laddu by Shivadurga

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Indian GooseBerry - 500 gms
Sugar - 500 gms
Thymol Seeds (Omam) - 1 tsp

Cooking Method

1. Grate gooseberry with the help of scrapper and remove the seeds.

2. Add grated gooseberry, Thymol Seeds (Omam) and sugar altogether and heat it in a pan
till the gooseberry is cooked. Do not add water.

3. When it becomes sticky and cooked, remove it from the heat and make
it into small balls. And it is ready to eat.

It can be kept for some days. There is no oil or added colour or anything
unwanted in it. It is very tasty and the vitamin content is full and it is very
easy to make. For better health and rejuvenation of your body eat one Indian Gooseberry Laddu daily.
Eat healthy and be with nature. Good luck for the ones who eat this daily. They will
remain young always.


* Other names for Omam , Ajwain(hindi), Carom Seeds (English), Thymol Seeds (English)

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