Easy Masal Vadai

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Easy Masal Vadai

Author: Silver
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Added: 8/21/2009

Easy Masal Vadai by Silver

Njitahd nghUl;fs;

Jtuk; gUg;G - 200 fpuhk;
fliy gUg;G - 200 fpuhk;
cSe;jk; gUg;G - 50 fpuhk;
ntq;fhak; - 1 eWf;fpaJ
,Q;rp - 1 rpW Jz;L eWf;fpaJ
fwpNtg;gpiy - rpW nfhj;J
cg;G - Njitahd msT
vz;iz - nghwp;g;gjw;F Njitahd msT


1. midj;J gUg;GfisAk; jz;zPupy; 1 kzp Neuk; Cu itf;fTk;.

2. Jtuk; gUg;G> cSe;jk; gUg;G kw;Wk; 100 fpuhk; fliy gUg;ig jz;zPH tplhky;
ed;F miuf;fTk;.

3. miuj;j khitAk; kPjKs;s fliy gUg;igAk; kw;Wk; eWf;fpa ntq;fhak;>
fwpNtg;gpiy> eWf;fpa ,Q;rp> cg;Gk; NrHj;J ed;F fyf;fTk;.

4. xU thdypapy; nghwpf;f Njitahd msT vz;iz tpl;L #L gLj;jTk;.

5. miuj;J itj;j khit rpwpJ vLj;J til Nghy; jl;b vz;izapy; Nghl;L nghwpj;J

6. Ritahd krhy; til jahH.

7. rl;dp rhk;ghUld; rhg;gpl Ritahf ,Uf;Fk;.


Split Red Gram (Thuvaram Paruppu, Toor Dal) – 200 gm
Split Bengal Gram ( Kadalai Paruppu, Channa Dal) – 200 gm
Split Black Gram ( Uluntham Paruppu) – 50 gm
Chopped Onion – 1
Ginger – 1 small piece
Curry Leaves – few leaves
Oil – To Fry

Cooking Method

1. Soak all the grams for 1 hour in water.

2. Grind red gram, black gram and 100 gm of Bengal gram as fine paste.

3. Take a vessel pout that ground grams and soaked 100 gm of Bengal gram, chopped
onion, curry leaves, chopped ginger, salt and mix well.

4. Heat the oil in a frying pan.

5. Now take small quantity of that mixture and make vadas as required size.

6. Put these vadas in the hot oil to fry.

7. Fry the vadas until it becomes nice brown color.

8. Delicious masal vadas are ready.

9. Serve with chutney or sambar.

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