Coconut Appam

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Coconut Appam

Author: Silver
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Added: 8/23/2009

Coconut Appam by Silver

Njitahd nghUl;fs;

gr;ir muprp - 2 fg;
,l;yp muprp - 2 fg;
cSe;jk; gUg;G - 100 fpuhk;
nte;jak; - 10 fpuhk; m 1 Njf;fuz;b
Njq;fha; JWty; - 1 ifasT
rHf;fiu - 4 Nki[f;fuz;b
nea; - Njitahd msT
cg;G - Njitahd msT


1. gr;ir muprp> ,l;yp muprp> cSe;jk; gUg;G> nte;jak; ,itfis jz;zPupy 3 kzp
Neuk; Cuitf;fTk;.

2. gpd;dH ,ij miuitapy; ed;F miuf;fTk;.

3. miuj;j khtpy; cg;G NrHj;J jdpNa 12 kzp Neuk; itf;fTk;.

4. gpd;dH ifasT Njq;fha; JWty; kw;Wk; rHf;fiu NrHj;J ed;F fyf;fTk;. Njq;fha;
jz;zPH NrHj;jhy; kpfTk; Urpahf ,Uf;Fk;.

5. miuj;j khtpd;
6. Mg;gf; flhia kpjhkhd jPapy; fha itj;J Njitahd msT khit tpl;L Mg;gk;

7. nea; NrHj;J NkYk; Urp NrHf;fTk;.

8. Ritahd Njq;fha; Mg;gk; jhahH.

9. fhur; rl;dp> Njq;fha; rl;dp> FUkhTld; rhg;gpl gpukhjkhf ,Uf;Fk;.


Raw rice - 2 cup
Idly rice - 2 cup
Split Black Gram (Uluntham Paruppu) - 100 gm
Fenugreek - 10 gm
Grated coconut - Hand full
Sugar - 4 table spoon
Ghee - To make aapam
Salt - To taste

Cooking Method

1. Soak raw rice, idly rice, black gram and fenugreek together for minimum 3 hours.

2. Grind it as fine paste in grinder. Add salt with this.

3. Set the ground batter aside for minimum 12 hours.

4. Take hand full of grated coconut , sugar and mix with this ground batter. Use coconut water with this
flour as it gives great taste.

5. Ground Batter should be little watery so that we can make thin aapam.

6. Heat aapam kadai (appam pan) and pour required batter so as to make aappam.

7. Add Ghee for cooking for rich taste.

8. Make different shapes of aapams as u like.

9. Now sweet thenga aapam is ready.

10. Serve with kaara Chutney/Tomato Chutney/Non – veg Kurma.

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