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Aloo Parata

Author: Silver
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Added: 8/14/2009

Aloo Parata by Silver

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wheat flour - 1 cup
boiled potato - 3 nos
chopped onion - 2
chilli powder - to taste
salt - to taste
Fennel(sombu) - 25 gram
water to make dough
oil to fry
buttter to serve

Cooking Method

1. Make wheat flour dough as like chapathi.

2. Now boil pealed potato so that it should easy to smash.

3. Now add chopped onion chilli powder, Fennel mix well by hands .

4. Add salt only at the time of making paratas otherwise it will become watery .
no need to add water

5. Now aloo mix ready

6. Now flat the wheat dough as requiered size

7. Add salt now in that aloo mix.

8. Keep small quantity of aloo mix in the centre and fold with all sides now again flat the raw parata dough ..
add wheat flour so that it should not be sticky.

9. Heat the tawa and put the prepared paratas and fry with more oil.

10. Add add butter while serving.

now delicious aloo parata ready

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