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Yaaradi Naan Thedum (Female) Lyrics

Song : Yaaradi Naan Thedum (Female)
Movie : Pondatti Thevai (1990)
Singers : S.P. Shailaja
Music : Illayaraja
Lyricist :
Direction : Parthiban
Submitted By : Kaatril Varum Geetham
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Tamil Lyrics

ahub ,td; NjLk; fhjyp
$wb rpq;fhu igq;fpsp
ghthl [hf;nfl;L.. g];Rf;Fs; G+Q;rpl;L
ghl;nly;yhk; GJ nkl;L.. eP Nfl;L if jl;L
fy;ahz GJ gl;L.. thq;fp jhd; eP fl;L
nghz;lhb ahupq;Nf.. jUthNd bf;nfl;L

ahub ,td; NjLk; fhjyp
$wb rpq;fhu igq;fpsp

je;jdk; je;jddk; je;jdk; (2)
je;jddk; je;jdk;.. je;jddk; je;jdk; (4)
je;jdk; je;jddk; je;jdk;>

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