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Sinthaiyile Pala Vinthaigal Lyrics

Song : Sinthaiyile Pala Vinthaigal
Movie : Kalavaani (2010)
Singers : Prasanna
Music : SS Kumaran
Lyricist : Na. Muthukumar
Direction : A Sarkunam
Submitted By : Kaatril Varum Geetham
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Tamil Lyrics

rpe;ijapNy gy tpe;ijfs; nra;jts;
vd;nwd;WNk ve;jd; neQ;RFs;Ns...
Gj;jpapNy xU jP Nghy; Fjpj;jhs;
gw;wpf;nfhz;Nld; xw;iw ghu;itapNy...

jd ed.. ed ed..
ed ed.. ed ed..

jh ed ed.. jh ed ed.. jh ed ed
jd eNd.. jd eNd.. jd eNd

jh uu uu.. jh uu uu.. jh uu uu.. Nu

Sinthaiyile Pala Vinthaigal Tamil Song Lyrics in English

Sindhaiyile pala vindhaigal seithaval
Endrendume endhan nenjukkulle
Buththiyile oru thee pol gudhithaai
Patrikkonden otrai paarvaiyile…

Thana nana.. nana nana..
Nana nana… nana nana..

Thaa nana nana… tha nana na.. 
Thana naane… thana nane.. thana nane

Thaa rara rara.. thaa rara rara thaa rara rara re

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