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Are You Crazy Lyrics

Song : Are You Crazy
Movie : Villu (2009)
Singers : Divya
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist :
Direction : Prabu Deva
Submitted By : Malar
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Tamil Lyrics

ngz;: Mu; A fpNu]p

FO: Mu; A fpNu]p

ngz;: A+ A+];ny]; ,ypl;nul; $d;

FO: A+ A+];ny]; ,ypl;nul; $d;

ngz;: ^ A+ N`t; V l;iul;

FO: ^ A+ N`t; V l;iul;

ngz;: nfs Nl A+

FO: nfs Nl A+

ngz;: I tpy; fpy; A+

FO: I tpy; fpy; A+

ngz;: A+ fd;l;upG&l;

FO: A+ fd;l;upG&l;

ngz;: I tpy; ];yhg; A+

FO: I tpy; ];yhg; A+

ngz;: My; Nkf; A+ ];lhd; \P

ngz;: cid Jz;L Jz;lh ntl;bLNtd;

FO: V..

ngz;: cid fd;id tr;R Rl;bLNtd;

FO: V..

ngz;: netu; netu; fk; nef;];l; ^ kP
A+ thz;l; b]; ];if
`hl; ^ nfy;
A+ Y}R

Are You Crazy Tamil Song Lyrics in English

Female: Are you crazy

Chorus: Are you crazy

Female: You useless illiterate goon

Chorus: You useless illiterate goon

Female: Do you have a right

Chorus: Do you have a right

Female: How dare you

Chorus: How dare you

Female: I will kill you 

Chorus: Iwill kill you

Female: You country brute

Chorus: You country brute

Female: I will slap you

Chorus: I will slap you

Female: I will make you stand in shoes

Female: Unnai thunu thunda vettiduven

Chorus: Ye…

Female: Unnai gun ah vechu suttuduven

Chorus: ye…

Female: Never ever come next to me
You wand dis sky
Go to hell
You loser

Are You Crazy Video Song

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